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Claudias Brot

by | Sep 24, 2006 | Bakers

My sister lives in a small village in Switzerland and one of her neighbors Claudia bakes and sells bread in a local market.She heard a crazy American wanted to see her method and try her bread, so she  invited me over one Saturday morning where we proceeded to talk about the way she grinds her grains and her interest in bread making and her dream to make cheese in the alps!  Claudia had worked on some farms and asked the older women to show her how to make bread, when she moved to my sisters village she made bread for some friends and neighbors and she started to get a following where people asked her to bake for  them. sell
so she decided to give it a try and has been selling to people in the local market.Here she is with my nieces ,nephew and her son on board as well!

Vielen Dank, Claudia!

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  1. Carol

    Finally! A use for the baby bath!
    Her bread looks splendid, Jeremy, and I loved the video!


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