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Emily Buehler

by | Feb 19, 2007 | Bakers




Bread is a staple in our diet, well at least  in mine it is! Immersed as I am in home baking  I decided to ask author/baker Emily Buehler some questions on the subject.Trained as a scientist, she turned to baking at first for fun and just too try it out. Later she analyzed it, finally putting down on paper the things she learned in the course of her career as a baker.                                       


Just  seeing the cover(this book was easy to judge by it’s cover!) and of course Peter Reinhart mentioning it on his
blog,I quickly  had to order it to sit among my numerous baking books. My initial thought was, uh- oh science, it wasn’t a subject that I dedicated  my attention too in school! Emily  quickly set my mind at ease when she admittedly said that baking is more a hands on craft, though I think as a scientist she had the idea that we should know why the dough reacts when water flour and salt meet to give us such a wonderful product.As a cyclist I admired her wanting to write about her road trips, though I hope she will keep us nutty bakers informed, as she has in a really quality self published book.A typical trait with most bakers she shares information with the hope that  people will  get bitten by the bread bug! Pick up a copy now, that’s an order!

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  1. Aaron M Fabun

    i bought this book as well when i saw that same mention…
    ill listen to the interview now.

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks Aron,
    I am actually reading this book with a lot more interest now to the science aspect, it’s a great book and Emily was real nervous but she is really honest! I liked the fact that she sent me some information on book writing as well, now I just have to get my act together!

  3. Tia

    I ordered this book prior to reading your post all thanks to Jarkko Laine I just love how he is linking people to subjects of interest! Meaning, just love your stuff too! 😉


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