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Weekender…What a bender!

by | Mar 4, 2007 | Food

La ‘Orange Bleue

Failing to finish an edit on a recent interview I again decided to put my foot forward and put a wrap on this project so I could get this baby into the can!(Using a familiar quote from some film I had seen!)
As is the case with movies and life there is a certain flow or 6 degrees of seperation.(oops yet another film reference.)
Friday I was expecting to do another interview that was later canceled so I thought I would go home and work on the on the unfinished edit! I was reminded by my wife  of our friends birthday party that evening which I really couldn’t  avoid.I had already been to this restaurant  before;This same friend had once invited us for a drink and by the end of the evening the place was stuffed with college kids battling for poser status at the bar, yech I hate young people!(A reminder of what we looked like once!) So this visit I hoped would not have too much insanity, rather a dinner,a quick exit stage left and back home again! Forget it, it started with a seemingly harmless glass of zinfandel then another then another……..Amidst the greetings and lots of tables filling there was a great sound of African music, some cous-cous accompanied by a tasty tagine of lamb scented with ras el hanout.Every so often the lights would go out and the waiters would go by dancing to the music. Their hand on a cake with a candle protruding with what looked like a car flair as they rhythmically danced to the waiting table. Where they ceremoniously finished off with a shout  of "happy birthday!"
Later on over the voices and music I was told to expect a belly dancer at nine o’clock .The bottles of wine piled along side the glasses and finished dessert.A hookah was then plopped  at the  center of the table, a gift from the owner, with a cool fruity smoke flavor is all I could recall.The wine was loosening me up and I rolled up my sleeves surveying the scene, when the music suddenly shifted to the sands of the sahara. Et voila the belly dancer was in our midst! I begged for some crisp George Washington’s from my wife in anticipation of the arrival at our table of this fine specimen of oriental dancing.The belly dancer made her way to some of the birthday boy’s and girls at the other tables,I thought she wasn’t coming back! I rose up and flicked the bills over her from head to toe and the ladies at our tables squealed with pleasure at my moment of adulation.We sat back down but our host and friend started to dance and I was encouraged as well to show off my dancing moves.Well with the heat from the wine and the rythms of music I couldn’t resist,by the end of the evening my sweat soaked shirt had made the rounds of virtually every table,encouraging the bashful to let there ya ya’s out.Even some very wonderful Brazilian girls who mistook me as one of their compatriots.(wow what a compliment!)Those lovelies  didn’t  require much to get into the dance mode!

The Brooklyn Brewery

Next morning I had a terrible feeling that I was totally hungover! My head was blocked my body was aching from the dancing. I had a phone call from a fellow bread forum member from Dan Lepards site who I was going to meet at Brooklyn Brewery for a couple drinks and some conversation. At this point I wasn’t so keen but I was of the mind "that a few hairs of the dog that bit you!", maybe what I needed. So I got on the train and headed across to  where the brewery is located in the  artsy and  gentrified neighborhood of Williamsburg.Making my from nearby Greenpoint  passing by some of the old relics of the once ethnically diverse neighborhood of where orthodox churches , Polish butcher shops, bakeries sit along side the newer trendy hip spots that line the streets.Cimg0420The brewery is set up 20278_nyny_brooklynbrewery424
in a sort of warehouse with uninviting metal chairs and tables, sort of an after thought of what should be a more quaint watering hole? Not even a bit of charm or wooden benches  like some of the old beer halls in Europe I would visit in my army days. The room was filled with a lot of college types, a lot younger than myself and my new acquaintance James from England.We managed to down at least four beers in fairly rapid succession with some interesting foodie talk, all the while fighting the noise of the hardcore music as well the banter of college kids!
I thought I would make my way back home after wishing my friend farewell  and promising to meet him in Wales this summer for what is certainly going to be the next  bread love-in in Bethesda!(check out the bread forum!) As I tried to find my way back my cell rang, uh oh the wife! Another engagement another birthday, seems like march is the month for everyone in my circle of friends and family,today was my brother-in law Freddy’s! So I casually made my way to the L train for Manhattan,as I made my way through the the streets in Williamsburg when I was stopped by the site of a Polish butchery filled with Kielbasa and Babka’s.I walked in and made a quick purchase and took in the mesmerizing smells.Sausage in hand chugged  it into the city and met the family.

Blue Ribbon Sushi

We were to meet at Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho, with no reservation and no clue what the restaurant was even called I looked over the extensive menu and asked the waiter what I should have for a hangover?he recommended  cold sake in a boxed bow which was what I settled for, followed by a sliced octopus with some misoCimg0427 Cimg0437
(Tako Sumiso house cured octopus sashimi), followed by some sushi and sashimi including one of my favorites tuna belly or o’toro! ThoughCimg0444 I felt a bit queasy and tried some miso soup which was served in a nice way, hot dashi,seaweed, tofu and the miso on the side to adjust to your own personal taste.We asked the waiter for another portion so I could get something warm in my stomach! I scarfed down the fish which went rather quickly  and though I  craved some comfort food I realized after sharing a matcha créme  brule  that I was more than satisfied and starting to recover!

Sunnyside St. Patrick’s  parade


Traditionally St. Patrick’s day is on the 17th of March,but when I went to do laundry this morning I realized that Sunnyside was having there alternative parade which has become quite
an event, laden with liberals,gays,pets and anti war protesters.
Quickly finishing household chores and heating up some soup I had made for lunch with theCimg0448 addition of the smoke and garlic laden kielbasa from Williamsburg, mmm what a taste!Finishing up  I decided to go out and  snapped some pictures of the parade!

I think I have recovered from this weekend bender of food, dance and drink,shoot next week is my birthday and the following my wifes!Just another excuse for some food and drink!



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