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by | May 2, 2007 | Food

Today I made a retro-reproduction of a dish I had seen years ago when I worked at the Drake Hotel. This482109004_2d62ebd09b_6 was one of the dishes made at the Lafayette, the home of no other than Jean-George Vongerichten. His original was with dried duck breast, mine on the other hand was with Serrano ham and foie gras mousse. I still have a set of cook’s notes for mise en place for his various dishes served at that once illustrious temple of gastronomy!
When I used to work in the pastry shop on Saturdays I would ask Jean-George if I could watch his photo shoots for Art Culinaire and other magazines, he obliged me, I think it was all his pilfering the dessert cart for some tarts or the breakfast I bribed him and Kerry Simon with, hoping for a place on his crew!
I recall when a cook friend, Tom, would be rolling up these packages of shear luxury and jokingly tell me that it’s  "100% fat free!"
Tonight was a particularly important event and I had recalled talking about foie gras with Anthony Bourdain, and how he said, "enjoy it now while you still can!"


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