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Crumbs ( a look inside!)

by | May 17, 2007 | Bread

Been working like mad and trying to keep from losing my mind at work lately, summer is coming and I can’t wait to get out of New York, I will be visiting Europe and will finally meet some bakers who I only have met on the web through Dan Lepards forum.Recently I followed a thread on making ciabatta, something we are all pretty familiar with in the bread world, so I made the loaf and just now had time to show the rest of the bread once we cut into it!
Strange things that bread can do to an avid home baker, like taking a few pictures of a recently baked  breads interior? Well that is what we call the crumb (actually it’s also known as bread porn!), that lacy holed and honey comb body of bread where we lay anything or spread onto and eventually enjoy in whatever manner we decide to indulge! Some people do strange things like remove the mie, as they call it in French or take off the crust? Why? Enjoy  the whole thing, you can toast it or even just chew on it savoring the distinct nuances  from the wheat or rye, whatever flour it was milled from for that matter.As I sit here and jot down this passage I am already waking my sourdough from the fridge and deciding on what to bake for the rainy weekend, what shall it be?
I will let you know, snap a picture of the loaf even?

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  1. TP

    One could get lost in that beautiful lacy network. More, please!


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