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Vollkorn=good loaf!

by | Jun 30, 2007 | Bread

Since doctor Atkins knocked off there have been these signs around the city stating that whole grains are good for your brain, duh! Who told people that eating a steak was a good thing? We don’t pump antibiotics into loaves of bread do we? That is another subject!
My search for the brain food, and I mean the whole grain has taken me to forums in the land where I was born, Germany!
Words like Roggen, schrot,mehl, indeed! I haven’t  truly spoken the language since I was a kid! So my years in a state of debauchery in the guise of a cold warrior stationed in Stuttgart was simply that, a beer swigging pretzel munching fellow who liked those whole grain brotchens and those wicked wursts!
Of late I am straying between the ItalianPugliese
Pugliese, which I am still trying to perfect in the style of Jim Lahey, the "no knead" guru;then into German rye paste loaves grain specked and  mysterious art not yet known on these shores to the most common loaves and misinterpreted "le baguette!"
It’s hot, sticky and humid, the wife is out of the house! Pretzels are on my radar! For the moment though I have a couple loaves, one is 3 flour sour as a forum friend suggested I call it,based on a whole wheat formula he posted, I strayed with some mix of triticale in the levain build, and then some white whole wheat with a touch of regular whole wheat to boot!
Jumping into the German rye I made what is called a Schinkenvollkornbrot, ham bread! No ham in it, it’s all rye! I’m giving it some time for the crumb to set before I slap some fine ham and butter to it!


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