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Sachet=11grams, or 5 if your me…

by | Jul 5, 2007 | Recipes

It’s the day after the fourth of July and I am at work waiting a VIP party,that’s about all we had aside from a couple tables at lunch. Surfing the net after staring at a box of milk chocolate for what seemed like hours I search for some chocolate recipes on various chocolate companies sites in hopes of finding something easy to make for a kitchen snack or coffee break for the staff!The usual complicated time consuming gateaux’s and mousse abound and I just happen on to a biscuit Breton recipe. you know those delicious buttery cookies filled with chocolate chips, the kind you devour in seconds and regret later!

So I read through the simple recipe and find on the list of ingredients as the leavening agent; sachet de levure chimique!!!(that is baking powder to you and me!) What is a paquet of poudre de chemique weigh? I google the words French baking powder and voila I found just what I needed! Only problem I used only 5 grams, guessing that with only a minimal amount of flour you wouldn’t need so much leavening, instead of the 11grams in the usual package! The cookies are baked and golden brown around the edges, flecked with both milk and dark chocolate chips. Back to my desk while the recently baked cookies cool while I  do some paper work. When I return to the kitchen I find empty spaces where cookies lay before, I guess 5 or 11grams didn’t make that much difference, they are addictive!Cimg1920

Petit biscuit Breton (based on Valrhona recipe)-5grams from pacquet(my touch)

5 egg yolks

160grams sugar

220grams Flour (I used A.P.)

1 paquet de levure chimique (baking powder) I used 5grams and they were swell go for 11 and tell me what gives?

150grams softened butter

120grams milk chocolate chips

120grams dark chocolate chips

Sift dry ingredients

Whisk together egg yolks and sugar to ribbon stage (whitened and fluffy)

Add buter, dry ingredients,and chips and mix in till combined. Shape into a cylinder shape about 1.5 inches and wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze until ready to bake.

300 F oven  Cut cookies about 3/8 inch thick and place on parchment covered sheet pan and bake for 20 minutes. Cool on rack and store in air tight container.

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  1. Ana Lucia Santos

    Well that’s good that everything is recorded on the Internet! Even after all this time I’m finding myself here in Sao Paulo, Brazil (sept/2010) looking for a recipe for cake aux olives and facing the same dilemmas? First I’ve tried to find out what type of yeast they use in French, then how much comes in each sachet. By logic, I was going to come to the same conclusion about the 5 instead of 11 grams! Thanks for the advice, especially because in Brazil they don’t sell baking powder in sachets sachets, they are sold in small containers.


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