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Tiroler Landbrot

by | Jul 7, 2007 | Bread

My father went to the dolomites to paint once, I have been to the alps…what does that have to do with Tiroler Landbrot? Nothing, but I am in search of the rye breads of Germany where I was born, those thick cut loaves, grain filled,sauerteig built, with a grassy rye taste that welcome any nice cured ham and butter. Ever in the pursuit of finding that perfect loaf that is rye I have stumbled along the way with what could be called bricks rather than bread!

Following advice of bakers and trying to translate the mysterious German bread terms on bread forums, I succeeded finally,I think?  At least taste wise I would say?


Tiroler Landbrot, a tasty tight crumbed loaf that isn’t a brick, it’s moist and has a mellow flavor palate with just a hint of sauer!

You know even the slashes on the loaf looks make it look like the mountains of the Tirol region! Or it could be mistaken for a boulder? At least my loaves do?Cimg1927Cimg1926


  1. david

    I love those kinds of breads…!

  2. Jonitin

    Yeah me to David, can’t wait to try some when I go on vacation in Europe next week!


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