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by | Jul 21, 2007 | Food

Recently there was a wave of in depth fridge reports by some food bloggers, David Lebowitz, Chez Pim and I am sure more! I didn’t get on the gravy train in the beginning so I jumped aboard and thought before heading across the pond (trip to Europe!)I would let everyone glance and see what I have stored in this space;albeit limited as my New York apartment galley kitchen has me squished between the sink and the refrigerator! This being my last week, I started a nice Miche loaf for some good old home baked bread to smother with some tasty ham from my buddy Johnny of Sunnyside Meat Market,and my wife so caring got some delicious cheese at Zabars! This decadent gooey cheese, Fromage de Clarine??? Orgasmic! As a foot note I purchased some fantastic beers from this superior supermarket on Queens Boulevard, the Russian owner and I discussed the differences of cider from Ireland, England, America and France! This guy, which I will also post about later has an incredible selection of beers, I fancied some weizen which was a Julius Echter Wurzburger and a bottle of this white ale from Hitachino, oye!
So back to the fridge! I have some of the usual condiments need to smother bread, or some yogurt for breakfast, it’s not always full especially when I work 24-7 in a kitchen! The important things like levains are  in the back shelves hidden from the wife, she hates clutter! It’s funny when I see people shopping or gossip with my mother about Americans horrible eating patterns! Well I am in the hot seat now, introducing my fridge! There is some olive paste, butter (French of course!), some serious organic bacon, sausages and ham from Johnny, and well you take a look!


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