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by | Aug 20, 2007 | Recipes

What is more Swiss than fondue, chocolate??    
Well sure but  this is fondue post, that gooey cheese hot and full of flavors, garlicky and wine laden skewered with morsels of bread. Enjoyed on rainy cold day`s with some wine.White from the region of the Vaud on the banks of lake Léman where I recently camped  in a tent with my family, that is another chapter in itself!

This is my sisters recipe, it`s a knock out!

4 people
800 grams grated cheese (400g each of  Gruyère- and Vacherin)
3-3.5dl white wine (depending on the consitency
1 tablespoon corn starch
garlic to taste
pinch of baking soda (so you can digest!)

1 kilo of good Swiss bread cut into bite size pieces or something relatively tasty

kirsch if you like maybe added in or  later after the meal is  damned good too!

Put the smashed garlic(minced) in the fondue pot,add the white wine and dilute starch.Heat the wine and slowly add the cheese stirring in a figure eight, when the cheese is melted put the pinch of soda inside and get ready to enjoy!!!
Don`t forget some good wine and some schnapps later for a nostalgia trip aka 1970`s!!


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