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Dinner with Inge!

by | Sep 16, 2007 | Food

Nothing better than a home cooked meal I always say! That being even more the case when I go to visit my brother in-laws mothers home. Inge is truly a fine cook, not your average mama cook either! Inge learned to cook in Austria, Italy and Switzerland, her story reads like a great novel, I wish I could write it! One year she made some of the simplest but most refined meals, bratwurst smothered with onions, pesto and pasta, she always likes to give me more,  and who is going to argue! Wine is always a common language with cooks, red is my favorite as I think it is with Inge! She especially likes Californian reds, some zinfs and some others we brought over on our visits.
This particular visit Inge cooked a real classic, the appetizer was sort of a stewed tomato with basil and eggs?  I didn’t fancy the idea of eggs really, but Andre my brother in-law relished it and praised his mom for making one of his favorites, I concurred with the first and second bite, delicious! ( I wished I hadn’t eaten so many bretzels and dranks so many biers earlier!).
The main course which I had spied on entering her kitchen was a pastry shell covering a dish, a mystery? So classic, I wondered what was under the crisp brown dough, ahh chicken! Hmmm, pot pie in Switzerland! I asked Inge what the dish was called, she shrugged her shoulders, "dunno really? ", she laughed!
She cracked the top and out came pieces of chicken with a julienne of vegetables with a lightly creamed jus, steamed basmati rice, first thought was the chicken breast would be too dry, no way! It was perfect, and I even spilled my wine getting seconds, Inge said not to worry the table was children proof, cheers Inge!


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