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Salmon fume tartine and monster Miche

by | Oct 7, 2007 | Bread

After baking some fabulous levain and a tricky volkornbrot from Maggie Glezers book I was really satisfied with the final product! I had attempted Thom Leonards French country loaf several times without success as well as the volkornbrot, the reason most likely being I am the lazy baker. Steve Sullivan so rightly recommended I write a children’s book about bread baking with that title. I realized why I am so lazy, it’s just a matter of following carefully some steps,read through the formula well you may get a nice loaf! Shooting from the hip doesn’t work in baking. I had already had some of the levain and gave some away to my friend John.This miche being a monster loaf of 4 Kilo’s and after waiting a day for the crumb to set on the  volkorn loaf I wanted to make a smoked salmon tartine, open faced sandwich for some of us in the USA. It’s just a layering of flavors, a light coating of butter first on the bread, followed by some lettuce,salmon, sliced onion, avocado, tomato and finally a crack of fresh pepper! Mmmmm, a nice Viognier or some beer like a white Belgian beer, awesome!Cimg4336



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