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Basta tacchino

by | Nov 25, 2007 | Food

Ok enough leftovers, stuffing, turkey and pies! Two days of leftovers can be sort of a broken record,even if the food was good! I have to say I was pleased with our dinner this Thanksgiving, though I didn’t take pictures of the  turkey, just too busy wolfing  beausoleil’s oysters with mignonette and washed down by a  Vetliner! Thanksgiving is  a dysfunctional meal with my family,I am sure were not the only ones! Trying to get my brother to cook instead of watching football games. my mom running into the kitchen doing something to pick up after my brother and me while we growled our discontent trying to shoo her away!
Finally we got to the table, carved the bird and popped the corks on numerous wines finally making a toast or two then chowed! My brother showed a real professional streak when doing his best sommelier show!
Thanksgiving is my favorite meal for sure, this years was no exception and well see you all next year!


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