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Boulangerie, pie in the sky!

by | Jan 6, 2008 | Bread

Some times a dream is fulfilled or sent by mail! In my case the dream is a bakery, I can’t reason why, since it’s probably the hardest physical work next to a chef.
Still it’s nice that someone recognizes the love you have for a labor that is both nourishing and a skill that is so zen, perhaps not achievable but still a dream! Over the holidays I   received a bag of chestnut flour from the Ticino region of Switzerland along with a formula. I was even more surprised by the artwork accompanied in the package, a still life of two bakers with a background filled with an oven, pretzels on a ring, croissants,bag of flour with a mouse and even a tresse loaf. My sister,bless her heart sent me a wonderful piece that honors both me and St. Honore, the bakers saint! It’s a lonely job, but what other person brings sustenance to the table like a baker? My brother jokes about my "yeast infection", I suppose I have the last laugh though  when he devours a fresh loaf slathered with butter and jam.


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