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Steamy Kitchen and Gild the Voodoolily

by | Feb 23, 2008 | Uncategorized

Ever since I joined the foodie blog roll , I have been getting some traffic nibbles from lots of different sorts of places! One I especially like is Steamy Kitchen  a fantastic site with all sorts of tasty things, including the author! Mother of two and awesome photographer, but most of all inspirational cook! Jaden makes asian cooking look simple, mouth watering and definite food porn make it a great visit! Her shoot from the hip style is great and something I notice a lot from women bloggers, no nonsense and sense of freedom that blogging gives people! So please try a dish or two and don’t forget to bring your sriracha sauce, start a fire, don’t put it out!




Gild the Voodoolily is another good one, Heather is a brash and frank cook who has that kind of, "I knew someone like you in high school sort of style!" Her imaginative food and drinking choices are not always healthy, but she is a great read on those tense or boring day’s in the office, don’t let your boss find you lurking too long! I even made her 2249146314_739cce0b7a
pear galette for a massive party and someone liked it so much were doing it again on Monday!

You women rock!



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