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Staples as commodities, what is a baker to do?

by | Mar 15, 2008 | Bread

If you haven’t looked lately at your grocery shelfs or receipts, prices are up and yes Mr. Bush this is your recession!
As for wheat not being grown, but actually discouraged in favor of corn to substitute our need for oil to feed our cars instead, I mean who would rather drive than enjoy a good loaf of bread?
The discussion of prices and economics are not only for economists and federal reserve chairman, no it’s for the people who gather the wheat, the mills who make the flour,the baker who tends to his/her dough and finally average you and me!
Some of our friends at the ABA (Australian Bakers Association) and the Sourdough.com.au have been discussing this dilemma as well as the BBGA  here in the states. I keep wondering what and how did this all get undone, here is an interesting article I found the other day on the subject of commodities and bread. One good thing is it’s making people go home and make their own homemade bread, that is a good omen!



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