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by | Mar 16, 2008 | My Cat

Since the house was feeling empty without our cat "kika", we decided it was time to find a new one. We went to the Humane society where we were screened and filled out lots of forms, initially we asked for a female kitten, but were shown a special cat! His name was Thurston, it made me think of Thurston Moore band member from Sonic Youth, even though they attributed it to the millionaire on Gilligans Island, ok?
Thurston was introduced to us in an office, where my wife first held him, he purred, and was a bit timid at first. The lady in charge said I should maybe hold him, and I took him in my arms, he went straight for my beard, chewing and biting me then grabbed me around the neck! Ok, I am a sucker for that sort of thing and well I didn't care that he was a male cat, he was wanting a home! Even though my wife wants to give him a dimunitive  papasito sort of name, she even confuses his sex and will politically incorrectly say, "my little Obama!" I guess either way we love the little guy!

Welcome home buddy!



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  1. Adri

    He sounds great. Confession – I thought of Gilligan’s Island also.


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