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Dee Thai Restaurant

by | Apr 5, 2008 | Restaurants


DEE Thai Restaurant

46-17 Queens Blvd
NY 11104  (718) 786-3137

DEE Thai Restaurant is the new kid on the block, in this case the blocks of my Queens neighborhood of Sunnyside. Hungry for lunch and not inclined to cook, I suggested to my wife that we go out for a meal in the neighborhood. Sunnyside is not what I would call gourmet central, though there are a few bright stars such Quaint restaurant. I hope there will be more opening soon. Safe to say the economy is not exactly promising, but hell the President has a check in the mail for you, so go out and shop or eat. No? Anyway, Sripraphai Thai Restaurant is the restaurant I visit in neighboring Woodside. It's a good place. And gettingSripraphaifinalvidiot there isn't hard, but my wife suggested trying Dee Thai because it is local and Sunnyside seems to have limited choices, save perhaps El Rey Del Taco Deli.

So off we went. Upon entering, I was impressed with the interior. It's airy and reminds me of a Buddhist Temple. Or what I imagine a Buddhist Temple looks like in Thailand. Only with an aura that doesn't inspire prayer, but did make me want to meditate over something heavenly, like what was offered on their menu. Let's just say that for me Nirvana is manna on the plate, not in the sky. Anyway, the hostess offered us a table in the sun and a menu that reminded me of a school notebook covered with metallic plates. Hmmm. Interesting, as was the giant photo-mural on the wall of a Thai dragon boat. Made me think of the movie the King and I. But before I could even peruse the lengthy menu, the hostess offered us a separate drink menu, a variety of beverages ranging from exotic fruit juices to equally exotic teas. Always craving fermented liquids, I looked at the luscious list, then ordered a beer.

To start off our meal, the hostess suggested a dish of grilled striped bass Pla Plow, Thai herbs in the fish wrapped in banana leaves with a special sauce. Intriguing but I craved a curry. Heat. Spice. Fire. Something to give me an excuse to order a couple of more beers. And boy, did they have curries, a variety with options of proteins or vegetarian,a build your own curry palace! Anyway, my wife ordered the Pla Plow which was beautifully garnished with flowers carved of carrots and the charred banana leaves covered the steaming fish inside, and suddenly curry seemed a bit… well, commanding but undistinguished. Thankfully the mussels, I had ordered  for an appetizer definitely satisfied. Cooked in clay pot they were laden with fragrant Thai basil, lemongrass and served with a spicy lime garlic and chili sauce. We shared a fresh vegetable roll, crunchy and well seasoned with a honey tamarind dipping sauce. OH,(her name actually!); our hostess, was very pleasant and helpful, she really wanted to please and lets just say I think…. no I know I will be back for another visit, so go out and support your restaurants in Sunnyside or anywhere in NYC.On my next visit I should try the jungle curry  to see if it is as hot or hotter than at Sripraphai's!

Picture4 Sripraphais Jungle curry to make a grown man cry!


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