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Oz meets west

by | Apr 13, 2008 | Uncategorized


I can’t keep saying enough good things about my friends down under at the ABA, often they are recognized only for silly things like "shrimp on the barbie", Crocodile Dundee, Outback Steak house…but if you look down and deep you can really find some interesting and insightful bakers talking up a storm and even provoking conversation beyond bread baking. What is bread in our life? as a staple,an artisan craft and how we choose to make it, by hand or by machine.

Recently my mate, Graham sent members a newsletter and he mentioned this site as well as my posting over a 1000 post, quietly. Now that is a surprise as I use way too many expletives or even exclamation points to get my nutty points across. Luckily there are plenty of good people to keep me in check around the net, and I will start featuring some of my friends I have met online and if by good fortune in real life, which I hope to do!


Happy Baking


  1. Maedi

    Thanks for the kind words Jeremy. Graham and I can’t wait to meet, when?

  2. Jeremy

    My pleasure Maedi, I feel like alumni at your site, hopefully the dollar will come back up,(not too likely!).Thanks for the birthday wish and all the shout out for my site.


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