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Red red wine, you make me feel so fine!

by | May 19, 2008 | Wine

I could not describe myself as a wine expert. In truth, beer is my preferred beverage. But wine comes in a close
second. And though I don’t read Wine Spectator, I do like picking wines
sometimes just bySideways_4
remembering regions,labels, the grape variety and
what I have  tried before. And I did enjoy the movie about wine and
love, Sideways.

Yes. I like wine.  Its red color. The bouquet. The way the legs
linger on the side of the glass, and especially the way people describe
the way it tastes. I have heard people describe some wines of having a taste of  leather. And one of my former chefs once left his
wine tasting notes on the pass. Reading the notations about a certain
Alsatian wine, I remember he described it as having "the taste of
ashtray!" Undoubtedly he must have picked up a glass with someone’s
cigarette floating at the bottom leaving a sort of ash taste.  Luckily, I have yet to experience such flavors.

Red wine is definitely my favorite, though I can’t say I would kick out
a bottle of white either. For that matter nor would I snub  a rose. I
don’t discriminate.One of my latest and favorite findings comes from my brother, Philippe. He is my wine guide and guru. A chef at the Home Ranch a Relais Chateaux property in Clark Colorado, he sets up their wine list, and I hope to get him on board for some tips and advice on matching food with wine. Stay tuned. 

On his last visit he came over for an impromptu dinner of lamb chops with orzo and something else. Honestly, I don’t quite recall the rest of the meal, because for me, the wine Philippe brought became the dinner’s center point. An Owen Roe, Abbots Tale. The lamb was great but as we ate, I just swilled and tookOwenroedavidpouring407300p
in the full body of this incredible wine. Philippe told me that the wine maker DavidImg_0094
O’Reilly had been out to the ranch for some tastings and Philippe told me to try his other notable wines, Severed Hand and Sharecroppers. Now, every wine shop I hit, I ask if they have Owen Roe because it is so dammed enjoyable to drink. Sure its price could hold you back, but once the cork is off the bottle the genie has done it’s magic! The fruit taste, the balance of flavor and alcohol are so… hmmm, right there! Just one thing. Before you pour, make sure your glass is clean when you drink it. 


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  1. Hermes

    I´m not a wine expert neither. That´s why I´d like to know about the differents wine fruits around the word (potato, orange, nance,etc). Grapes are the best of course. Nothing compare to taste a chilean wine at the dinner.


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