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A fig grows in Queens

by | Jul 1, 2008 | pictures


A few weeks ago one of the employees was walking out with a branch that was protruding from a clear plastic gallon milk container with water and the plants roots, curious I asked what it was. A fig branch I was told, so I unabashedly asked if I could get one too, intending to plant it surreptitiously in my mothers garden. Last time I tried that,it was a strawberry bush that  I planted. My mother later  uprooted it  and translplanted into the front yard under some trees. My mother is very territorial about her jardin! Needless to say those strawberries flourished like weeds. When I mentioned my new garden project mother quickly forbade my idea, so without any other solution I dug a hole in the front of my building, where some of the neighbors had recently started a garden, bringing the country life to our city digs. Voila, a few weeks later I find some huge leaves growing, and the sweet little branch getting bigger and bigger, taking on a certain tree quality. A fig tree grows in Sunnyside! I can’t wait for the fruit next year!


  1. Carolyn Jung

    I’m always surprised how many people say they don’t like figs. But I think that’s only because they’ve never tried a fresh one. Same logic with fresh beets versus the crinkle-cut canned ones. Fresh figs roasted in the oven, then crowned with a dollop of honey-sweetened mascarpone, and a few toasted almond slivers _ it doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Jeremy

    Carolyn, I concurr with the whole fresh no can theory. From the leaf covered Adam and Eve to fig newtons there isn’t a more exotic or erotic fruit then the fig in my opinion;although I read it is really a flower, all the better because like a flower it has a scent, an aroma, hell it’s just good! Roasted is good, or in a baked tart with almond frangipane or just as they are picked of the tree!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Doughman

    When you get figs next year, I think it will be time to come up with your own recipe for fig newtons!

  4. Jeremy

    I actually have a recipe for Fig Newtons, Dieter Schorners, so I will post that,though me thinks I would rather eat the figs from the tree fresh!

  5. Rachel

    Congratulation I was today at a friends place were we have seen a huge figtree. I could not believe that it was the same little tree we gave them for some years as a gift. They can already enjoy their fresh fruits.

  6. Jeremy

    Hi Rachi!
    I just was looking at the tree that was just a twig, there are plenty of branches and leaves! I can’t wait for the fruit to pop out!


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