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Sweet potato tortillas

by | Jul 10, 2008 | Recipes

Being summer and we are winding down towards our august vacation and it is  sort of slow around work, I decided to make some pork carnitas with refried beans for staff meal. But I had no tortillas. Not to to be dissuaded from my menu plan I decided on some flour tortillas, not really my favorite. So to mix it up I recalled a recipe for sweet potato tortillas from Reed Hearons book Bocaditos. Too bad I was at work and the book was back at home. So without the book I just fiddled around with a general idea of roasted sweet potato, and just omitted water because of the hydration in the sweet potatoes. We chowed our tasty tortillas, with some pico de gallo, sorry no pictures. But I did fold up and wrap one of the tortillas and it made it in the back of my bike jersey in one piece.

Tortilla de camote

1 roasted sweet potato

3.5 cups flour

3tblsp. lard or vegetable shortening

pinch of salt

water if needed.

You will need a large cast Iron pan, flat top stove, (like I used). I mixed all the ingredients with a paddle of my kitchen aid, lazy yes but I wanted the tortillas to eat. Don’t over mix, maybe two minutes till you get a dough that holds together, give it a final short knead on a table with a bit of dusting flour. Cover and rest for 15-20 minutes. Divide into 12  pieces and roll out into round circles and cook on one side over a medium high heat until bubbles appear, turn over and you will notice air bubbles, remove and cool. Re-heat as need, you probably won’t have any left, they’re so good!




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