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Home alone, dinner and a Mets’ game…priceless!

by | Aug 6, 2008 | Food

It’s only the first week of my vacation and my wife is away in Ecuador. I am home alone. After two days of slumming on pate and cheese, and following some motivated gym time, I decided to make a nice dinner for myself. A Mets’ game was about to be televised, so I whipped up this dinner in one pan and… well it was good!

Menu for the Mets


Arugula, pear, goat cheese salad with almonds and mustard vinaigrette.
( Got this from my friends at Quaint, nice taste!)

Main course:Cimg5234

Roasted wild striped bass, tomatoes, pencil asparagus, portabella mushroom  onions cooked in pancetta, drizzled with Castelas extra virgin olive oil.


Bastianich Viticoltori
Tokai Friuliano
(A present from my friends Leo and Roberto!)

I wanted something rich in chocolate, but who wants to do all that work? I would have gone for watermelon or a peach, except I had none at home and it was too hot to go buy some. What would have been your choice?

Oh, the Mets lost!


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