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My stimulus package, new oven and bread.

by | Feb 1, 2009 | Bread

Feeling a bit "out and out" about the state of the economy, what did I do? Added some of my own stimulus and bought a new toaster oven, on sale here at Bloomies. I had good rationale, in case my wife or some abstract anti-consumer activist is reading here. My old Krups had gone kaput, leaving me to resort to toasting bread in my broiler. Not wanting  that carbon footprint on my conscience, I did what millions of Americans do, shop my way out of it. 

To prepare for my journey, I had a fermenting heap of müesli dough on tap ready and waiting in my kitchen for my successful return home. Soon I would be unpacking  the new brick oven, pizza stone from Cuisinart, reviewed well by our friend Susan. All to try out a neu brot! Actually, let me digress, as it was a neu brot turned into a müesli brot, which I pinched from Delicious days that had been inspired by Petra. I planned to whip this version up with some leftover pistachios my wife bought at our local Turkish grocers, and then add some dark looking dry apricots that had traveled home with me from my adventure with Dilara. I wold adapt the recipe to sourdough, and lacking enough white starter, I planned to top it off with some rye levain.

With this quick mix in mind, off I went to town, purchased my oven, got some presents for my dear Mother, and was back in time that day to get to work before bedtime. I knocked back the dough, pre-shaped the brot, then final proof. A few hitches with the oven made the loaf a bit dark on the tops, and I didn't cover with foil as suggested, all to say -  ahh shucks, by now you know I like that rustic feel.

Müeslibrot mit sauerteig

336g levain (white, rye or whatever you might have?)

100g Müesli 5 grain cereal (Mine was a Seitenbacher brand #1 with hazelnuts, raisins & peanuts too?)

50g water warm

207g white whole wheat flour


65g milk

75g grams chopped apricots

25g Pistachios

25g Cranberries

25g Agave nectar or 50g honey

10g Salt

1.) Soak cereal with milk and water about 30 minutes.

2.) Add in levain,50g water,then incorporate the fruit  flour, and give a short mix to get a shaggy dough.

3.) Autolyse for about 30 minutes, add in salt and continue mixing.

4.) First rise, 1 1/2 -2 hours  till puffy.

5.) Knock back and give a pre-shape and rest 15 minutes.

6.) Shape, round, batard or rolls, I went for to rounded orbs in a bread loaf pan.

7.) Rise approximately 1-21/2 hours and then bake at about 450 F15 minutes then 400 for about 25 minutes.

* I didn't glaze with egg yolks as was in the original recipe, you could strew with some oat flakes or even some rye flour, it's all in what you like?

A müeslibrot slice toasted in the new oven!



  1. Susan/Wild Yeast

    Sorry you had a bit of trouble with the oven — I really love that oven even if you do have to watch the tops of your loaves. The bread doesn’t look like it suffered though 🙂

  2. Nils

    Cool, looks delicious and nourishing. Reminds me of the ‘Squirrel Bread’ on David Lebovitz’s site.


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