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Roast beast samwich!

by | Feb 16, 2009 | Food


Back in elementary school, I had a job bagging groceries at Peter's Bridge market in Westport Ct. Next to a dock where some of the last commercial fishing boats near New York City unloaded catch, it was a small local market selling steaks, beer, some lettuces, basically the products of a family run grocery store.

Among the folks shopping for steak there was sportscaster Jim McCay, whose Mercedes convertible caused me some envy, as well as the thought the thought that he was awfully short. Anyway, they also had a deli counter for custom made sandwiches. That's where I first learned about the American sandwich repertoire, BLT, Ham and cheese and, of course, one of my favorites, roast beef served with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.



Now sandwiches are a favorite palette for me to paint on, so to speak. What I mean is there are so many combination's. Anything between two slice of bread or a roll. Heck why not a pretzel too! It's all good! 

So tonight rather than cook dinner, I made my nostalgic favorite from Peter's Bridge Market. Roast Beast Samwich! Okay, the spelling's wrong but you get the emotion. Pure kid delight.  Mind you I have grown up and my tastes have graduated from the kaiser rolls, iceberg lettuce and Hellmans mayo. No this baby was a knock out of flavors, slices of juicy roasted ribeye steak, on homemade sourdough bread, organic mayonnaise, dijon mustard, mache, sliced tomatoes and the coups de grace, some sliced cornichon's! Heaven on earth!


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