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Update: Bread from a box

by | Mar 10, 2009 | Bread


Okay, admittedly I was thinking this bread would be awful, but actually it's really nice. Not that I will buy it again, but…this product could lead a person to want to bake better bread. If you're really busy and just happen to be passing an IKEA, try it. You never know!

This has a nice crumb, a good chewy mouth feel. Sounds like a wine tasting, huh? Honestly, the the flavor is there, and it's from a box!

Good work Finax!


  1. Laura

    That’s awesome! Ikea is sort of a hidden food mecca I think. Those cinnamon buns are terrible but wonderful at the same time…

  2. Jeremy

    Indeed, there is a junk food junkie in all of us,but this was a surprise. More surprising is they stopped offering the rye crisp bread with food, rather they have horribly pale par-baked rolls with no taste at all!

  3. Nils

    I thought so too, flavor is good. The typical taste of dried sourdough is also present, but when there’s no time to bake bread, definitely a way out for the hungry bread lover.

  4. Jude

    haven’t visited ikea in a while and now i’m thinking about it… for bread? what’s happening to me? 🙂

  5. Jeremy

    Jude, don’t kid yourself, you know you want to go home and make a real loaf, but if you lose time and don’t have a good levain and just happen to be in Ikea….well you may just snap up a carton…who knows?


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