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Turkish breakfast

by | Sep 2, 2009 | Food, Turkish breakfast

Funny thing about breakfast in Turkey; it's like a meal that you could eat all day. Fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers, yogurt, bread, and the list goes on…and on. It's just delicious and healthy.


Every year you hear that this diet or that diet is good. I think a large part of healthy eating is moderation. That can be hard, especially in Turkey, because once you have tasted what it offers then you desire more!


What with suçuk, a spiced sausage, or fresh feta cheese along side oil covered olives.


Of course you can have coffee, but why not chai, the official all day beverage, something I found myself asking for more repeatedly. This chai is a ceremonial part of Turkish culture and life. No need for a coffee, unless your having your fortune read. That is another story entirely onto it's own!


I would be remiss for not picking up the subject of bread. Turks love bread. It goes with all meals, and there are so many variations,to my dismay though, I believe some modernization has brought in bleached white flour and commercial yeast. I wonder if in the Anatolian interior whether natural leavening is still being used?  From each restaurant or table you find a variation and shape, as well as flavor. The names and shapes are varied too, from Lavash, Pogača, gözleme, to name just a few.


There is the  traditional simit, often compared to a bagel or even croissant. It's a yeasted and twisted dough ring washed with pekmez (a molasses) and sesame seeds. You can find red simit carts on most streets. Whether eaten plain, with cheese like Dilara did, or grilled with cheese and tomatoes (my featured breakfast sandwich) it's delightful. I will offer a version in sourdough form soon.

CIMG6614-1Here are some of my favorite breakfasts I enjoyed in Turkey. They were so delicious. I am sure I will start adding some elements of each into my own breakfast back here at home.


Çig kofte fried for breakfast


An omelette of suçuk, peppers, tomatoes, pide, and radish simply dressed.


  1. MC

    Beautiful, Jeremy! I can’t wait to read more about the bread.

  2. Jeremy

    When I get around to it I will try some breads, my schedule at work is looking hectic already!!!
    MC, when are you going to post about SFBI?
    no more ciabatta!!!


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