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Isn’t it a pide!

by | Feb 15, 2010 | Pide

All alone on Valentine's Day. My honey is away. I need comfort. What should I do? Eat! But exactly what should I eat?

when my friend Dilara phones and happily surprises me, I realize the
Valentine's Day cure. In fact, I had just bought some suçuk last week.
Time for a Turkish meal!  Having a levain on full throttle, I proceed
to make some pide!

Here is my effort. It's getting better all the
time. What helped was a tip from my Turkish friend Selen, who during my
trip to Istanbul had me crack an egg on top while my pides baked. And
why not? The French do it on their hamburgers. Whatever…I'm digging





  1. Karen

    My god that looks fabulous, Jeremy!

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks Karen,
    It was, my sister was skyping me while I was scarfing it down, I had to show her what I was eating so I lifted the plate up to the screen, just needed some smell au vision!


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