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Pissaladiere, that French pie!

by | Jul 26, 2010 | Bread, Food, pictures, Pissaladiere, Pizza

French pizza, is much ignored but always beloved by Francophilic geeks
like us (moi!), aptly  noted to me by an old friend today observing dinner I cooked and posted on my Facebook page. It was a Pissaladiere.


Pissaladiere is the maligned cousin of the more common la pizza Italiana, which itself comes in so many shapes and configurations nevermind the D.O.C.G or whatever? This particular pie, comes from Nice and its environs, including my mother's childhood home of the Var.

You ought to know this onion, garlic topped oil laden dough is a one of the pre-Colombian tomato type; this pizza was introduced into what was a region in both French and Italian hands throughout history, hence good taste abounds from both sides of the border. It's especially flavorful with additions of herbs, tomatoes, olives. Mind you no sane French guy would consider cheese on this pie. On the other hand some in San Remo put mozzarella on it. Sacre bleu! My mother used to make it for us when were kids, and that flavor hasn't left my taste buds since.


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  1. Esther

    Oh that looks so good! If you get a moment, could you please post the recipe?


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