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Wähe a Swiss tarte.

It's likely when visiting my sister in Switzerland she will whip up some extraordinary traditional desserts, a quark kuchen, Baseler leckerli,Quarkkuchen mit shokolade striesel. One of my top favorites is wähe which is made with seasonal fruits,like apples or plums. It can be a quick breakfast bite, or coffee time dessert, or all day if there is any left…with my nephew and three nieces, oh and my brother in-law around,well you get the picture.


Wähe can be a fruit  or savory  egg and cream custard filled tarte, it's related to the quiche as well the onion tarte's and other favorites along the Rhine river by the Swiss, German and French borders. Most often I like them with mirabelle that come off the trees at my sisters orchard.


Feeling the last breaths of summer, I decided to make a Wähe, and my sister reminded me about them when she called me the other day.


So I had only a few Italian plums and decided to add in some local concord grapes as well some muscat,and apples sort of an hommage to the vendage or wine harvest…actually I'm just really craving a wähe!


Racheli's wähe teig

Makes 1 8" inch square or round tarte. Enough  wäehe for a hungry family!

250g Flour

75g butter

pinch of salt

5g sugar

3-4 Tbsp. water, (American flour probably needs more water, higher protein and it likes to drink!)

Mix dry ingredients, then rub butter and flour mixture between your hands until you get a sandy mixture.Gradually add in water, gently incorporating to form a ball of dough.(Don't knead, it's not bread!)

Chill in fridge for a half hour to an hour. Roll out to about a 1/4 inch thick and place it into a quiche or tart mold. If you don't have a mold, feel free to place the circle on a flat sheet pan and make a free form tarte, but with caution to fold the edges up so you can place fruit and custard filling to bake.


My filling was a bit unorthodox, I didn't have cream and probably shouldn't either! So here I went for a healthy substitute of yogurt.

6Tblsp. milk

2 eggs

2Tblsp. sugar

2 full Tbsp. Greek yogurt

pinch of salt

11/2 Tbsp of  Dr. Oeteker pudding powder, or corn starch. (I just happened to be out of starch and found the pudding mix!)

4 Tbsp of almond meal, for the bottom of the dough

Fruits, apples sliced, grapes, plums halved and whole.

Whisk eggs and pudding or starch, sugar in a bowl, add yogurt and milk, set aside. Poke the bottom of the rolled dough with tines of a fork, cover with almond meal. Fill tarte with fruit in prepared shell in free form or in concentric circles. Cover with custard and bake.Bake for about 45 minutes at 400 for 25minutes lower to 375 F for about 10 minutes till custard is set and tarte shell is golden. Serve at room temperature.


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  1. MC

    Just gorgeous! How I wish I could taste it…


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