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Seeded levain

by | Feb 25, 2011 | Bread

Staying at my mom's recently, I have revived my sluggish levain, bringing them back to life, refreshed and ready! Which sort of reflects my state of mind, currently. Facing some interesting challenges, in moments I have have wanted to retreat. But then, alternatively, I've recognized how much life is a gift and very much worth fully enjoying.

Baking bread is my way of staying in touch with those gifts. It's an easy way to bring back that sense of earthy joy rooted in the every day sights, smells, and flavors. Baking is the equalizer, the meditative calmer, the ying and yang when all things go bonkers! In the next few weeks, my posts may come in short bursts but stick with us at Stir the Pots. Nobody is going away.  

Below is a seeded loaf based loosely on a formula I found on The Fresh Loaf. I adapted it using quinoa, along with adding some rye and whole wheat to the final dough where it had originally been all white flour.





  1. vincent

    Oh my god What’s with the bubbles?! THE JAM IS GONNA FALL OVER.
    Shameless!!! 😀
    Nice one 😉


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