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Poland: a find in Stamford!

by | Apr 4, 2011 | Food

Following a painful dental visit in downtown Stamford, mouth numb from needles, starving after having missed breakfast, I stumbled into a Polish deli off a side street. Ahhh, it felt like heaven. Or maybe just home. Whatever, the shelves were filled with familiar products: babka, rye and poppy seed bread, smoked meat,fish, oh yes, pierogi and pickles. Made me wish I was with my buddy Michael to help me with some translation. Anyway, I managed.

Beer, never saw these before….But at $1.80 a bottle, it's a steal compared to many brews today.



 Wheat flour, different types, for which I actually found the website of on the bag. Since the deli owner (or the patrons I met) were able to explain the flour type or usage, guess it calls for a Polish dictionary! Any Polish dictionaries reading this blog? Hellllpp! Or just "Dziękuję" in advance.






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