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The demands of a loafer

by | May 20, 2011 | Baking, Bread

Making dough takes dough. And so does baking it. Okay, puns aside, competent bread baking takes time, money, and other resources. It's an intricate art as well as a demanding craft, playing with ingredients that have a magic and a biology. Bread for me is constant, it's in the epicenter of my mind – commandng attention and generating questions and ideas. What bread today? What loaf? What shape? Which flour? And yes the green stuff is a necessity.







  1. Greg

    I saw you mentioned over at Chef Pandita. Really am digging your photos. Making bread is costly. Buying it even more so. At least the quality stuff! Your creations look amazing.

  2. Norbert Vollkornbröt

    Drat, dang, dash-blast-the-gosh-darned-blanketty-heck!
    I hate it when someone else has posted a comment before me!
    Jeremy, I was googling the word “biga” and your post came up.
    Nice loaf, you loafer!


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