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Salt and Fat

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Restaurants

For years, my New York City neighborhood of Sunnyside has been a culinary wasteland. As part of Queens, it is home to wonderfully varied ethnic populations. But unlike Brooklyn, whose great parks and public green space – as well as a blocks and blocks of small scale housing – have attracted gentrication, Queens is its less glamorous cousin.

We've had our share of boring diners, cheap Sushi, basic Thai, bad Tex-Mex and lots of bar food. Well, the sun has come to Sunnyside with the opening of Salt and Fat, a newly opened restaurant sporting small bite fusion oriented kitchen. Simply presented and well priced, with nods to Asian, Latin and Americana comfort food favorites, it both reflects and brings out the the best of what this geography offers, unpretentious cultural richness. 


 Here's a plate they serve of yellow tail tuna with speck,pickled jalapenos and citrus



Braised pork belly taco's,pico del gallo,kimchi salsa,queso fresco



Korean BBQ wraps, hanger steak, daikon radish,seasoned miso



Rice Krispies and marshmallow ice cream


 lychee panna cotta and Yuzu buttermilk ice cream





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  1. Maureen

    Fantastic photos – you’ve certainly made me hungry!


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