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Pizza meets my kitchen meets pizza playground

by | Sep 9, 2011 | Pizza

I've been doing test runs, baking pizza at home with new dough and flour, wanting to mimic the kind of pizza we create at work. I used a cast-iron pan, heating it on the stove to start it because my Cuisinart oven doesn't go to 800 F degree.  compensated by putting the broiling element as close to the stone and firing it simultaneously.


 Once I got the puffy look and set the bottom of the pizza with some upskirt char, I broiled the pizza till it was perfectly cooked. Bravo, it works and it's great pizza with capoccola,arugula and Romano cheese!


  1. fresnobites

    That pizza looks incredible. Nice going. Wishing you would post the recipe and steps. Either way it looks awesome.

  2. Oliverde

    Looks fab! But I m with the above comment: recipe and method please! Pretty please even, 😉

  3. zenchef

    I’ve been doing the cast iron/broiler trick on my pizza too and it works great. Now what I need is a killer pizza dough recipe. I need a master class, Mr Jeremy! Seriously. Let’s make pizza.

  4. Jeremy

    Hey Zen dude, whenever you like, give me a ring!


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