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Juxtapose this!

by | Sep 26, 2011 | Bread

Whenever you got a bit of extra dough, why not try a new shape or a different kind of bread….say pizza?


Chad Robertson does it in his Tartine bread book, which I've enjoyed lately, including a jump at his standard sourdough recipe, which is a challenge. No problem, just go back and do it. Then again and again.

Here's a tip, hold back water from the mix. Anyway, aafter whacking off a 200 gram bit of dough from my levain, I set it aside in a ball for dinner. The dough was supple, full of bubbles and had the suppleness and stretch, which is a good omen for a pizza geek like me! It worked. 


Taste wise, I find I prefer a longer rise in the fridge for a bit more acidity, but this dough was light, crisp and went down very quickly with my standard Margharita topping,( tomato, basil, mozzarella). My curiosity is up, as I must try the rye dough next time, maybe some speck and quark with some northern exposure for fall? Or butternut squash with shallots and hazelnuts, truffles?



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