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Pain au lait

by | Nov 7, 2011 | Bread, Pain au lait

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Having ventured into croissants, brioche and enriched breads, I thought it was time to make some pain au lait (or milk bread). This isn't as rich as brioche, but it has its place, mostly for breakfast or with tea. I found it on an awesome French web site. Though I like to sink my teeth into crunchier loaves with multigrains, I find this a perfect bread to spread with jam, nutella or even some mild cheeses. It's great for molding or studding with raisins, or maybe a good vehicle for making schnecken or sticky buns, which I'll have to try soon!

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  1. Oliverde

    The bread looks fab, but alas, Nutella has decided to use artificial stuff in their product now, so I no longer buy it. Sad, since I’ve been eating it since childhood.


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