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by | Apr 12, 2012 | Baking, Strudel

Apfel strudel. The Austrian crisp dough that's streched so thin it's said you could read a newspaper through its taut skin. It's most famously filled with fruit or farmers cheese. Both a dessert that is comfortable refined,as well as a homey dessert, it's one of my old time favorites. I first ate a real strudel in Bregenz, a border town in the foothills of Austria. Classically served with a side of cream, it was crisp and buttery. I still remember as the fork broke into the delicate layers that encased the cooked apples. Sweet memory. Even sweeter experience.

In various kitchens where I've worked, we'd often use phyllo to substitute for the traditional dough, as it was a labor intensive dessert. And few people had the necessary training in Viennese patisserie to actually succeed with it. Over the holy weekend, I decided to attempt one. I had a package of phyllo defrosting, but what I really wanted to try was the real thing, strudel dough rolled and stretched and rolled with apples, bread crumbs that are toasted in butter and sugar. Why not?



  1. Mick Hartley

    Well, I’m impressed, mate. Not sure if I would try it.

  2. Jeremy

    Never say never!


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