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Slice of Germany

by | Apr 25, 2012 | Uncategorized

I have a real hankering for German bread lately. It may come from nostalgic memories of living there, or just from an overstock of rye on a recent flour purchase. Not a problem. And with a local butcher in my neighborhood who makes good wurst and Westphalian ham, well, you need a good brotchen, pretzel or some rye bread. I've yet to make it to the new Landbrot bakery, so in the meantime, I'm making my own bread and liking it. Here are some of my recent bakes.

Krustis- A wheat rye roll, hybrid that's wonderful with a great sausage.


For a quickie with added yeast to the rye starter, it's really crisp and tasty. Though I will adapt to total sourdough perhaps?


Currywurst, just like in Stuttgart, just forgot the bier!


Buttered and with some ham…breakfast!

Landbrot mit Sauerkraut

This is a Dan Leader formula from the bread program he started at French Culinary Institute many years ago. Though there were lots of errors in the original formulas, and we had to tweak throughout the course, this a fabulous bread with deep flavor. It's made deliciously moist from the sauer and sauerkraut.

IMG_5384 IMG_5388

And now here is big hurdle that was achieved, a 100% Vollkornmehl, or whole grain rye bread. Though feeling like cement when mixed, it turns out a formidable champion of rye breads in the final bake.



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