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Anzac, The Gift From Oz

by | May 13, 2012 | cookies

Being a veteran of the military, I can appreciate the idea of care packages. In particular, I can greatly appreciate an Australian (or New Zealand) biscuit or cookie called an "Anzac." It was sent to soldiers, far from home around the turn of the century. It's made with oats, coconut and golden syrup.

Recently, I was fortunate to meet up with Brett Noy of Sourdough.com.au, the Australian bread forum a few years back, and we recently touched bases about Anzacs. He kindly shipped out a bundle to me. A bit crisp and sinfully delicious with a hint of coconut, and buttery, they go perfectly with a tall glass of milk. I'll be setting up a return package, maybe Fig Newtons. 

Cheers Mate!



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