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by | Oct 4, 2012 | Food

While making an impromptu meal one evening with my friend Dilara, she introduced me to a dip she's tasted on her travels to Qattar. I loved it so much I looked up the name. It's known as "fatteh" or Fetté. It's a simple and delicious combination of yogurt, chickpeas, garlic, toasted bread, cumin, tahini and seasoning of salt, pepper, chili and finally some lemon juice. Sometimes its variations include vegetables or meat.

Below are photos of my recreation made from memory of dinner with Dilara.By itself or with a full mezze, it's sure to be finished quickly. It's that good!

Toasted bread crumbs in olive oil, cumin and garlic cloves. Chick peas with Greek yogurt seasoned with salt, pepper, Aleppo chili, tahini paste. Add toasted bread, lemon juice, olive oil and mixed! Oh yeah, some pine nuts toasted on top…






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