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Ode to Oaxaca

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Chefs, Food

Recently I had the good fortune to meet Ruth Alegria, a former restaurant owner who now leads culinary tours to Mexico. When she posted a Facebook message recently about an event City Grit was hosting (to support chef Fanny Gerson who lost her Red Hook shop during Hurricane Sandy) I bought tickets. Fanny was cooking at City Grit, "a culinary salon" tucked away in a classic looking building that had once been a school, across from St. Patrick "Old" cathedral in Nolita.


Chef Gerson, petit and truly attached to Mexico, recounted a story about her Mexican nanny's shawl and the way it was held against her heart. It was this relationship, she believes, that first inspired her love for Mexican food and culture.   

Click to listen Chef Gerson's description of the menu.

It was a delicious evening, the flavor from the meal but also the company, whether writers  or just like-minded culinarians. Here is what we had!


Antojitos with Oxacan cheese, straight from Mexico.



 Yes that's grasshoppers!


Horchata, with pecans and melon, refreshing.


Pasilla chile soup with cactus petals and fried queso fresco



Orange, mescal marinaded shrimp with black bean sauce, curtido onions.


Mancha manteles, a pork stewed with pineapples,plantain and chilies..sublime deep, sweet and smokey!


Tres leches with pinol, rounded, not sweet, and tasty!



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  1. Karin Anderson

    After I made Fany Gerson’s Pan de Muerto (Fine Cooking website) I bought her book “My Sweet Mexico”. Great recipes!


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