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Dulce De Leche

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Desserts, Food

Dulce de leche or manjar, whatever you call it, is a sticky milk reduced to a caramel consistency. It's a treat, but given the hours of monitoring it, well, I think it's demanding. Excessively so! We had a bit too much milk at work, so I put a pot of it on the stove, added some sugar and proceeded to boil it along with a vanilla bean and a stick of vanilla. After what seemed hours, I got a dark complexioned and thickened confection; dulce de leche! Leche cemada?


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  1. breadsong

    Hi Jeremy,
    That dulce de leche looks great –
    I made cajeta (Rick Bayless) version, using whole milk, in a crock pot. It took a little over 24 hours with some stirring near the end, but pretty much a hands-free process, and the result, delicious!
    Link here: http://www.familycircle.com/recipes/desserts/ideas/rick-bayless/
    :^) breadsong


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