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Buckwheat Olive Baguette

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Baguettes, Bread

Buckwheat baguettes are not new for me, but recently I found a formula on a Facebook bread group whose highly hydrated dough, speckled with olives, looked lovely. I had to give it a go! Baguettes are always being refashioned by individual bakers, from sourdough to hybridized and poolish.

Buckwheat lacking gluten is just about 10 percent total. And my whole ground gave the dough a special looking crust and crumb. I liked the buckwheat flavor. And being a straight dough, it didn't take much time to put together. In sum, it was really great!

  1.  Add salt at beginning,70% water,(10% buckwheat, 80% wheat)
    mix 2mn in 1st speed,add 4g dry yeast,
    again 2 mn in 1st speed then 1mn in 2nd speed.
    Return to 1st speed and add slowly 10%water
    Once water is absorbed,mix 1mn in 2nd speed

  2.  Put it in box during 30mn,(bulk ferment)
  3. Give a fold then, 1 hours proof in box
    Divid then wait 10mn before shaping
    Once shaping is done, wait 15mn then put in oven 265/245 Celsius

  4. Bake for around 20mn




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  1. Andrea

    Selbst schon ausprobiert und es war echt lecker.


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