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Ricotta Cavatelli

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Food, Pasta

I love pasta. Recently tried a pasta dish known as ricotta cavatelli with broccoli pesto and salami. It sounded appetizing, but ended up a disappointment. It was just standard dry cavatelli, with a tasteless green emulsion of broccoli topped with cold ricotta and chunks of salami. Yikes!  Sometimes anger can work in one's favor. This time it led me to whip up a batch of ricotta cavatelli dough. Eliminating the broccoli pesto, I charred some romanesco cauliflower, added some sliced garlic, a bit of tomato product with water from the pasta, and finally wonderful salami from my butcher. It was so much better. And the cavatelli were fresh and made of ricotta!






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