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Autolyse Pizza

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Pizza

With little time to hangout and just bake before work, I still found time this last week to start a sourdough pizza dough. I decided to leave it roughly mixed in autolyse, then eight hours later, found a very bubbly bit of dough! I finished mixing and added my salt to it, letting it sit about another hour, it was very active so I stored it in the fridge. The next day I cut it, and divided the dough into two hundred gram pizza balls. I found a lacey network of fermentation throughout the dough, suggesting it was all very promising.  Back into the fridge for a long cold retard till I can make some pizza. Below are some shots of batches from last time. 




  1. Claudia

    It looks totally awesome…

  2. Lou

    Just simply gorgeous
    Saved this in my bread and dough folder, hope I can replicate it soon even though I have found a good recipe for pizza it s never enough and I love trying new recipes out.
    Love the bubbles and the crunchiness of the crust, perfetto!
    Have a lovely weekend


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