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Sourdough Croissants – Served Warm, Made With Chill

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Croissants, levain, Sourdough

Making croissants are a feat any time of the year, but an all-sourdough version is even more daunting. But it's harder in the heat of summer, so I decided to put our recent frost-bitten temperatures to use and give them a try. With the butter chilled, my sourdough fed and primed, I gave my detrempe a five hour ferment , then chilled it again for laminating the dough.

Generally a 3×3 fold is typical, but hoping for more layers, I pushed it to four in total. The final dough stayed overnight in the fridge. The next step was cutting and rolling the dough. I decided to chance an overnight cold ambient kitchen temperature rise for the final proof. Voila, poof, crispy, and layered croissants, magic!

IMG_8125 IMG_8126 IMG_8138 IMG_8163 IMG_8169


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