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Bieré, Bier,Øl

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

I found this beauty in my neigborhood at Beer World , a funky grocery with the nicest brothers selling all sorts of Russian and eastern European stuff and of course beer! Recently fixing a stuffed cabbage dish, I looked for some good beer to accompany it.



I don't know if it was the oddity of beer brewed with grapes, or it's from Switzerland? I'm almost sure I was in this town Chasselas while visiting my sister too! Well, let me say, I wasn't at first that impressed, well ok I was, this stuff is almost champagne? Or bieré? Awesome and fruity with flavors so complex, I got to get another soon!

Then I got this because it's name, Murder and manslaughter! As well  I like Schwarz Bier, (Black beer, literally!).

IMG_8959 IMG_8963

Dark, and yet subtle, but it catches you, or murders you!


Then this one, a Norwegian, and you don't see many here in the States! Rignes was the one I was most familiar with as a kid. After demolishing the first two with some Hungarian stuffed cabbage, this baby was deep in flavor and about knocked me out!


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