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Durum, Wheat Croissants, With Goat Butter

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Uncategorized

Somebody called this attempt of my latest croissants, "braveheart". Not because I made them from two different flours; finely milled durum - semola rimacinata - and wheat. Rather it's the goat butter from Trickling Springs Farm I used to layer these hybrid croissants.

The first batch was less than stellar. I did not have enough heat and it probably needed a stronger fermentation. The scent of goat is evident straight from the oven, but the flavor is close to regular cows milk butter when cooled. I'll definitely give these another go, as the croissant is crisp!


  IMG_9504IMG_9510 IMG_9519 IMG_9525


  1. Norbert Vollkornbrõt

    Beautiful crumb.
    Someday I will have to try.
    Butter in Canada is very crummy.
    Churn 84, made by Stirling Creamery is extremely expensive.
    That and the fact that most Torontonians think that a croissant should be in the 99 cent category (the word “croissant” synonymously means “cheap pastry”.
    No incentive for a feller like me to make them.

  2. Jonitin

    Hey Norbert, well, these had potential…more push and well, I am having issues since my best ever croissants…still, trying durum I felt was interesting for color, extensibility and just the hell of it! Goat butter is still a bit strange..more like lard texture and funky goat cheese…combined with Southern Italian sunny flour,goat butter and ballsy French flair…what else could you screw up?

  3. Jonitin

    Make your own butter with cream…and Torontonians need some Quebecer’s to teach them some Frenchy stuff!


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