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Scotch Eggs

by | Apr 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Recently I was asked by a client to make Scotch egg.  They have been trending in social food media for awhile, but I never had the chance to try them.  My client was running a whiskey tasting and wanted some pub-grub. So I researched and tested various recipes, boiling, peeling, retesting till I hit money – which with Scotch eggs mean a runny center, crisp bread crumb, and moist sausage casing.

A Manchester-based Twitter mate then told me to try making them with pickled eggs and black pudding. Hmmm, I might. They're good eggs, Scotch eggs! 



  1. Jonitin

    Cheers Norbert, we aim to please…just a lot of things to say…


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